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Sid Meiers Civilization V is coming september 1, 2010. Civilization V will feature an entirely new game engine, as well as a hexagonal map instead of the square tiles of earlier games in the series.

The most obvious change is that the playable map is now made up of hexagonal tiles instead of square ones. Hexes, or "a man's way to play a strategy game" as I've described them, allow for some really interesting tactical options and more things to worry about as you've got six sides of your city to defend rather than four. It also allows for more natural movement inside the environments, and as I saw in a private demo of the game live in action, much better looking environments too, with much more naturally sprawling forests and mountain ranges snaking up around other patches of land.

And while the new game engine is promising DirectX 11 support for cutting-e ... Read more »
Category: Game Previews | Views: 1369 | Added by: shaikh | Date: 16-03-2010 | Comments (0)

With the recent Tomb Raider Trilogy completed, Crystal Dynamics is looking to the digital download space to provide a fresh take on the classic franchise formula. We got a first look at Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light this morning, and found that ditching the Tomb Raider moniker is one of the less significant changes Crystal Dynamics has implemented. The isometric action/adventure boasts co-op play and arcade-inspired combat, both a first for the venerable franchise.

The seeds of the story are planted two thousand years ago, when a battle waged between armies of good and evil over a powerful artifact known as the Mirror of Smoke. Totec, the leader of the Army of Light, triumphed over his evil counterpart, Xolotl, and took control of the mirror, banishing Xolotl from the world and becoming the Guardian of Light. Totec entombed himself in the mirror within the Temple of Light to keep it from falling into the wrong hands. Millennia later, enter Lara Croft. The m ... Read more »
Category: Games News | Views: 1517 | Added by: shaikh | Date: 16-03-2010 | Comments (1)

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